For many years we have provided our residents and those establishing their businesses in one of our developments, practical and appropriate facilities and amenities to allow for the natural emergence of a strong and continually evolving community.

Social, environment and economic sustainability - contributing factors that continually guide and influence our products and projects. From the design and planning stages through to the delivery of our product these factors naturally facilitate best practice and the adoption of modern and innovative strategies resulting in a product that is atypical of Chardan Development Group. We are proud how we do things - and it shows

Over the past few years we have seen sustainability and diversity working hand in hand - ranging from the residents who call the project home, the range of product we build, the different businesses operating and the facilities we provide. Being able to provide to the community facilities and amenities that are functionable and reflective of our different sites has provided that special feeling in each of our projects. We strive to provide social structures and opportunities that naturally develop and enhance the communities lifestyle options. Chancellor Park quickly grew into one of the Sunshine Coasts premier education precincts with strong bonds forming with University of the Sunshine Coast. In Maroochydore we will see the resurgence of a wide and varied community, along with the creation of numerous employment opportunities through the emergence of a large business precinct. We also take consideration that what we provide can continue with minimal impact on the community once we have finished the last block or sold the last house.